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A Chiropractic Exam vs. a Physical Exam

Some patients may wonder why they need a chiropractic exam when their physical exam with their primary doctor didn’t indicate that anything was wrong. What we do here at the practice, however, is entirely different from an exam from a medical doctor. For one thing, we won’t be taking your blood!

Obtaining Your History

Getting to know you and all that you’ve been through is essential as we want to build trust. Having a discussion with you gives us a better idea of how long you’ve been dealing with your particular problem or condition.

Using Technology to Detect Imbalances

Another part of the exam is using the Insight technology, which includes the EMG with a thermal scanner to see how your autonomic nervous system is functioning. With this technology, we can see how you’re adapting to stress, how long you’ve had the stress and how it’s affecting the organs.

We also use the EMG to help us see the energy and how your body is using it. When we’re using the EMG on kids, we can determine how much energy they’re expending and how their body is using things efficiently.

The EMG also can show if there are imbalances present. Maybe one side of your body is stronger than the other. We want to see symmetry. With the EMG, we also can see if specific muscles aren’t working as well or if they are working harder. We also can detect chronicity—if you’re in an acute state or a more chronic state. It helps us change what we’re going to do to help you reach whatever your health goals are.

To See Is to Know – Not to See Is to Guess

The last part of the chiropractic exam process is the taking of digital X-rays, when necessary. X-rays help to give us an accurate picture of what’s going on. They help us see if any degeneration is present. X-rays also show what curves look like. If we look at you from the side, we want to see curves, and when we look at you from the front or back, we don’t want to see any curves.

Without taking X-rays we would be guessing, and that’s never acceptable, especially as we’re dealing with your health.

The Three T’s

A lot of people have had things in their life happen to them that they don’t realize can cause a lot of issues. Thoughts, traumas and toxins (the Three T’s) can cause spinal misalignments. Some may have lost a spouse or child, and that emotional pain affects them physically.

We can see if you’re in more of a fight or flight mode. If you have stress, your body deals with that by fight or flight. So you either fight the stress or run away from the stress to get somewhere safe. If you don’t deal with that emotional stress, you’re continually producing adrenaline. If it’s not effectively dealt with it will keep manifesting itself.

People say things such as, “I carry my stress here on my shoulders.” With stress, it is like carrying weight. No one would carry 900 pounds on their back, but we carry a 900-pound emotional weight all the time. We wouldn’t expect it to hurt us, but it does tend to harm us considerably.

The good news is that chiropractic can help to address physical, chemical and emotional stress to help keep you healthy in every way.

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