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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Lincoln

heel pain while walking


As one of the most common causes of heel pain, plantar fasciitis involves inflammation of the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes. It’s not just runners who experience plantar fasciitis. Those with jobs requiring standing on hard surfaces are also at risk.

The pain that individuals with this condition experience is usually the worst with the first few steps after getting up in the morning. This pain can also be triggered by prolonged periods of standing or when getting up after sitting. The pain is typically worse after exercise, not during it.

Fortunately, we have considerable experience addressing this common complaint. Dr. Spencer uses the Torque Release Technique (TRT) and the Integrator tool to tackle the root causes of this issue.

How TRT Is Different

The TRT is not your typical chiropractic method; it is designed to specifically adjust spinal subluxations, enhancing the function of the nervous system. The Integrator, an instrument used in conjunction with the TRT, gently stimulates certain points along the spine to correct misalignments and minimize interference within the nervous system.

When it comes to plantar fasciitis, applying TRT through the Integrator may not directly treat the foot, but it plays a crucial role in addressing overall body alignment and nervous system function. Misalignments in the spine or imbalances in the nervous system can result in altered biomechanics, putting undue stress on the feet and worsening conditions like plantar fasciitis.

By adjusting these spinal subluxations and optimizing the function of the nervous system, TRT contributes to alleviating secondary issues associated with plantar fasciitis. Enhanced body mechanics and reduced interference within the nervous system can lead to decreased stress on the feet, providing better overall support for the affected area.

Chiropractic care using the TRT and the Integrator adopts a holistic approach, considering the interconnectedness of the body’s systems. While it might not directly target the inflamed plantar fascia, correcting spinal misalignments and improving nervous system function could contribute to better overall body alignment. This could potentially offer relief or support for conditions like plantar fasciitis.

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