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ICPA Certified Chiropractor in Lincoln

Adjusted Life Chiropractic is a family-focused neurological chiropractic practice. We believe in the mission of the ICPA “to establish and advance the chiropractic family lifestyle.” That’s why Dr. Spencer has taken all of the ICPA classes and is now certified. In fact, Dr. Spencer is the only ICPA certified chiropractor in a 45 mile radius of Lincoln.

Dr. Spencer also pursued the ICPA’s rigorous coursework as he wanted to have a better knowledge of how to help all children, and particularly those with neuro-developmental disorders.

What is ICPA Certification?

ICPA stands for International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and has rigorous training standards to obtain certification. In fact, Dr. Spencer spent over 200 hours on coursework and more than 50 hours on the official test to receive his certification. Dr. Spencer loves learning, and believes that it’s not just important, but necessary to continue learning for his patients in order to provide the best possible care.

One of his favorite parts about training to become certified was participating in actual published research studies about children and chiropractic care. The practice is proud to have participated in studies that looked at what benefits children noticed in their own bodies after undergoing chiropractic care, and even concluded that children who are under regular care ultimately seek medical intervention less than those who aren’t regularly adjusted. How cool is that?

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About the IPCA

The late world-renowned chiropractor Dr. Larry Webster founded the organization in 1986. His objective was to better train chiropractors in family care.

According to the evidence-based Association’s website, “Today, ICPA is the profession’s oldest, largest and most sought out chiropractic pediatric association in the world. With 6,000 members supporting our collective mission, and their commitment to caring for more families in their communities, we are truly advancing and establishing the course of chiropractic and the lives of children.”

Another Tool in His Toolbox

Dr. Spencer appreciates that his studies through the ICPA have helped him to be able to better communicate with parents about his plans to help their children.

I love seeing children of all ages and stages. I want to offer hope and help. If you’ve tried everything for problems that your child is having, whether it’s physical, behavioral, or emotional, we’re here to help and want you to know that we’ve seen children just like yours flourish in our care.

“My affiliation with the IPCA has expanded my professional ability to evaluate and adjust children.” Dr. Spencer provides comprehensive assessments of how children are developing through the various stages from infancy to childhood.

There’s no challenge too great for us! We’ve seen children with struggles including ADHD, bedwetting, frequent illnesses, gut problems, postural issues, sleep trouble, and beyond improve under chiropractic care.

One of the best reasons to consider care is to catch and remove any nervous system trauma before it festers for too long. Small falls experienced in childhood can manifest in the spine for years, expressing pain and problems much later in life. If we have the chance to correct the imbalance now before it affects them later, we want to do everything possible to help them thrive!

The Webster Technique

Dr. Spencer achieved certification in the Webster Technique from the IPCA. The technique involves a gentle, safe and pelvic-specific adjustment. The objective is to provide optimal alignment in the area so the baby can have maximum room in the womb.

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