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Neck Pain Treatment in Lincoln

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“Neck pain can be a debilitating condition that affects many individuals on a daily basis. From the base of the skull down to the shoulder area, people frequently experience discomfort and limited mobility,” said Chiropractor Lincoln Dr. Spencer Brown.

This is often due to an atlas (C1) subluxation, which can cause difficulty in turning the head and bending from side to side. Driving can become especially dangerous when these limitations are present.

The good news is that neck pain can quickly improve with the right treatment. Our practice members with neck pain often notice positive changes within a month, such as an increased range of motion while driving. Many are surprised by the restrictions they were previously unaware of. Thus, one of the main ways in which neck pain presents itself is through the inability to turn the head easily.

What Are the Primary Causes?

Not surprisingly, post-COVID, many people have been experiencing emotional stress. Many individuals work from home, spending eight or more hours a day sitting at desks. People also experience elevated stress levels during difficult days or seasons, often manifesting as neck pain. The postural changes due to anxiety and stress lead to a straightening of the neck, causing tension, headaches, and pain.

Research has shown that a straight neck indicates long-standing degeneration. Decreased spinal fluid flow to the brain and reduced oxygen and nutrition can result in irritability, brain fog, and a lack of mental clarity. Adjustments, however, can effectively address these issues, allowing practice members to experience renewed clarity, improved sleep, and overall well-being.

A Young Practice Member Success Story

right-quotes-iconIt’s not just adults who suffer from neck pain. Kids can too. One of our young practice members is a 12-year-old girl who was accidentally pushed at school. After just one adjustment, she experienced relief and slept soundly for over 12 hours. The rise in scoliosis cases among children is also a concern, possibly linked to increased stress levels. However, chiropractic care has proven effective in alleviating these issues.

Say No to Neck Pain

You deserve to enjoy life without neck discomfort. Contact Adjusted Life Chiropractic today to book an appointment.


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