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About Adjusted Life Chiropractic

Our Family-Centered Practice

We make family wellness the focus of our friendly chiropractic care center. Adjusted Life Chiropractic is passionate about working with Lincoln community members of every age, from newborns, babies and children to moms, dads and grandparents. We have a reputation for excellence in our gentle adjustment, as well as our ability to help with many childhood issues. These include colic, reflux, constipation, sleep problems and feeding dysfunctions. We also welcome neurologically challenged children that suffer from conditions such as autism and ADD.

Experiencing an Adjusted Life

Believe it or not, the adjusted life is a “lifestyle.” It’s a way of life that focuses on healthy habits. It all starts with a well adjusted nervous system through the chiropractic adjustment, regular exercise, good nutrition, positive thoughts, and mental stimulation.

Our goal is to help our practice members truly experience what an adjusted life is like. Of course, we don’t expect people to live that kind of lifestyle if they don’t even understand what it is. For that reason, our practice is unique in providing educational tools to help our patients live the best-adjusted life for them.


How We’re Different

The diagnostic scanning technology that we use in our practice helps us be objective with your health, focusing on function over feeling. Just because you feel good doesn’t mean that you’re healthy. We don’t make assumptions about your state of health. We take the time to provide cutting-edge testing. Through our state-of-the-art analysis, we’re able to establish a health baseline and develop a game plan that’s customized to your unique needs.

We experience such successful outcomes with our patients due to our advanced assessment procedures.

The customized care at our chiropractic office is supportive and patient-centered. Your well-being is our primary focus, and we’ll always go the extra mile to help you meet your health goals. Why not contact us today for a convenient appointment?


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