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Shoulder Pain Specialist in Lincoln

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Bursitis, Tendonitis. Rotator cuff injuries. These are some of the common causes of shoulder pain that can sideline people from their activities of daily living and the things they love most in life. Lincoln Chiropractor Dr. Spencer Brown has significant experience addressing the extremities, including the shoulders.

The Importance of a Thorough Exam

As we do with any practice member coming in, we provide a comprehensive examination to get to the root cause of the person’s shoulder discomfort. Sometimes it’s a referral pain from the ribs being stuck. So they may have trouble breathing and will go to the hospital as they think they’re having a heart attack due to the pain in the arm. A lot of times that’s referral pain.

This type of case is an example of why we always listen to what the person is saying. The information we get helps us make a proper diagnosis and determine if the issue is something that requires a referral to a medical practitioner.

The number one thing we want to accomplish doing an exam is to determine if we are the person to help you. If we’re not we will find out who is.

How We Address Shoulder Pain

Shoulder issues are particularly challenging cases due to the potential places where the issue can originate. That’s why we check out all the areas to ensure we don’t just address the shoulder because sometimes, that’s not the only part of the issue, which will just come back, causing the person frustration and continued pain.

Dr. Spencer will assess the person’s clavicle, AC joint, and sternoclavicular joint. He’ll also check the radius, ulna, elbow, and carpal bones in the hand. Sometimes the issue is coming from the person’s neck and it’s coming down, and sometimes the issue is from the AC joint coming up. Sometimes it’s in that sternoclavicular joint.

“When we address all those parts and ensure everything is moving the way it should be and not restricted, we’re able to get a lot different results than people have been used to in the past,” said Dr. Spencer.

A Practice Member Success Story

right-quotes-iconDan, one of our practice members has tried everything over the last five years for his shoulder pain. As an avid hunter, his number one complaint was he couldn’t shoot his compound bow during the upcoming deer season.

Through our very thorough exam process, Dr. Spencer determined that it wasn’t his shoulder that was the issue; it was his neck. We found inflammation, a lot of muscle spasms, and degeneration in his neck. “I never once touched his shoulder, and his shoulder pain went away completely,” said Dr. Spencer.

Solely through adjustments, the practice member was able to get all the strength back. He didn’t do any specific exercises or shoulder rehab. Dan regained the ability to pull his compound bow back which requires a lot of strength.

Take That First Step Toward Relief

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, give Adjusted Life Chiropractic a call today to book an appointment.

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