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Back Pain Specialist in Lincoln

Adjusting back


“Back pain is a common reason why people seek chiropractic care, and it is usually caused by physical factors such as auto accidents, improper lifting techniques, and slips and falls,” said Lincoln Chiropractor Dr. Spencer Brown.

However, this type of discomfort is often simply the result of overuse, where individuals have been engaging in repetitive activities for an extended period. Surprisingly, even minor incidents can trigger back pain, leaving people wondering why it occurred when they have experienced more severe situations without any issues.

Pinpointing the Root Cause

While OTC or prescription medication merely masks pain, we seek to identify the root cause of each practice member’s back discomfort. To do so, we have a comprehensive examination process that plays a vital role in helping them understand the underlying cause of their pain. By taking X-rays, we can often locate areas of degeneration that indicate the issue didn’t start just a few weeks ago when the pain first surfaced but rather several years ago.

Our examination process stands out from others, as we use advanced technology such as thermal scans to detect inflammation locally and throughout the body. Additionally, we employ electromyography (EMG) to evaluate muscle function. This allows us to identify muscle spasms and uncover inactive muscles that are not functioning optimally.

Finally, we use X-rays to perform motion studies, pinpointing areas where the spine is moving segmentally and identifying stuck or subluxated areas. Based on these findings, we develop a targeted and specific treatment plan tailored to each practice member’s needs.

Providing Advanced Solutions

Delivering a thorough examination and determining the root cause of a practice member’s back pain is key to their recovery. We offer advanced treatment programs that may include decompression adjustments and traction to relieve pressure on the affected disc, especially for those experiencing sciatica. Whether the pain radiates down to the toes or is confined to the buttocks and thigh, we have achieved excellent results in treating these conditions.

It’s important to note that our treatment plans do not involve the use of decompression machines. Rather, they are designed to address the underlying issues and provide lasting relief.

Relief Likely Within the First Month

When you’re in pain, you want to get relief as quickly as possible. In most cases, practice members experience some degree of improvement within the first month of treatment, and some people notice improvement in a week. The exact time frame varies depending on factors such as how long they’ve had pain and how severe it is.

A Practice Member Success Story: Tyler

right-quotes-iconTyler, a local massage therapist, came to us with back pain while training for a marathon. Despite having trained extensively in the past without any issues, this time, he had significant discomfort. After we performed a comprehensive neurological examination, we identified specific issues that had cropped up due to his increased training workload.

Dr. Spencer adjusted Tyler’s lower back and other areas of the spine and extremities. It’s worth mentioning that many of our practice members with lower back pain often have subluxations in their feet and ankles because the nerves in the back extend to those regions. By adjusting these areas, we relieved Tyler’s pain so he could continue his training without further discomfort.

Banish Back Pain Naturally

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