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Chiropractic Before, During and After Pregnancy

From assisting with infertility struggles to providing pain relief during pregnancy to helping newborns get off to the best start in life, chiropractic is remarkably beneficial.

Offering Natural Help for Infertility

For women who have been unable to conceive we help them by getting them out of fight-or-flight mode as if they were running away from a tiger. Being in this state could be the result of low back issues and decreased nerve activity to the reproductive organs. For women with infertility challenges, we make sure the communication to those organs is perfect. Our goal is to reduce their being in a fight-or-flight response to being in a more rest and digest mode.

As men also can have infertility issues, it’s ideal to have both Mom and Dad under care for the best results.

Promoting an Optimal Pregnancy

As soon as a woman gets pregnant, we want to help her be as comfortable as possible. Low back pain is the number one complaint that we have moms coming in for. We aim to help them deal with that low back pain and also optimize the amount of room in the pelvis for the baby to grow.
Chiropractic also can help to reduce labor time and labor pains. Many of our moms tell us that childbirth was a lot easier than they thought it was going to be. That’s because chiropractic can get you out of fight-or-flight mode, which could keep you from going into labor.

We find it fulfilling to reassure moms-to-be that they can get through childbirth and be just fine afterward!

Providing Postpartum Care

Chiropractic after childbirth is essential both to moms and their babies. For moms, it can realign the spine. As even a natural delivery can be traumatic for babies, chiropractic can ensure that the baby’s nervous system is healthy. Chiropractic also can help with breastfeeding and sleep issues.

One of our patients is a mom who was worried about her 6-week-old son. She came into the practice one evening and told Dr. Spencer she was scared to death. “I asked her why and she said it was because her baby slept all night and that she didn’t think that was supposed to happen,” he said. Dr. Spencer reassured her that it is indeed normal for babies to sleep all night.

Experience the pregnancy you and your baby deserve. Make an appointment today!

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