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Headaches Are Not Normal!

HeadachesDo you suffer from headaches, once, twice, or even three times in a given week? We bet you’ve gotten used to popping Advil or Tylenol to find relief and go about your day.

But did you know that headaches aren’t normal?

If you experience frequent headaches, there’s likely an underlying condition or problem that isn’t being addressed. Commonly, it’s because your nervous system isn’t functioning properly.

How can you help your nervous system function better? By visiting our practice.

Types of Headaches

At our practice, we see patients who are dealing with headaches of all types and causes. Some of the most common kinds of headaches include tension headaches, cluster headaches and even migraines.

Many headaches result from the ‘atlas’ at the top of our spine being out of alignment. This small bone can have a HUGE impact on your overall health when it isn’t in proper position.

Another common cause we see often in patients with headaches is an improper C curve in their spine. When your spine isn’t curved as it was designed to, certain parts of your spine, nerves, joints and entire body remain under unnecessary pressure that can wreak havoc.

Whether you’re an adult seeking relief or have a child who’s complaining of head pain, we want to help design a care plan specific to your needs. We’ll dive deep to uncover the root cause of your issues.

Get started today by contacting us to book your appointment.

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